A Truly Unique Place To Grow

Where Your Child Blossoms With Hours
Of Discovery In The Great Outdoors

A Truly Unique Place To Grow

Where Your Child Blossoms With Hours Of Discovery In The Great Outdoors


Enroll Your Child For An Exceptional Outdoor Education!

With 10,000 SQFT of indoor space AND 10,000 SQFT of Outdoor Classrooms, your child will thrive at our new Dove Valley location. Give them a boost with:

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Give Your Child The Gift Of Outdoor Learning

Easily accessible from e470 or I-25, just a few blocks away from Park Meadows Mall

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Your Child Learns In An Amazing Outdoor Classroom At Least 2 Hours Every Day

Healthy, happy kids explore ideas and make discoveries across 8 learning areas:

Creativity Flows Freely In The Art Area

With the opportunity to create art outside, your child takes ideas and inspiration from the world around them to form a masterpiece. An outdoor classroom removes normal parameters around art allowing your child’s creativity to flow more freely and be expressed in more ways.

The Messy Materials Area Puts Them In Control

Today’s children spend less time in wild natural areas and have fewer opportunities to “be messy.” This area encourages children to experiment with different natural objects and feel a sense of personal mastery over their environment. This area is also great for children with sensory integration challenges.

Physical Skills Flourish In The Wheeled Toy Area

Giving your child a path where they can use wheeled toys allows them to use large muscles. Pedaling around bike paths creates the right amount of physical challenge to keep them engaged. They use balance bikes to build coordination and balance and teachers help them hone those skills in the fresh air.

The Water Area Inspires Curiosity

Through hands-on activities, sink-float experiments, mixing sand with dirt, and much more, your child manipulates water and makes early scientific discoveries that spark a love for learning, a curiosity to try something new, and a chance to understand the physical laws of nature.

Social-Emotional Skills Develop In The Sand Area

This sandy space creates the ideal setting for positive social interaction. Life skills are an important part of your child’s social-emotional development and are a significant predictor of future academic success. As they work together, build castles, and share tools, your child develops individual and group skills in the sand.

The Climbing Area Supports Physical & Cognitive Development

Traditional climbing structures, tree stumps, and balance beams help your child gain self-confidence and self-control as they master physical challenges. Learning to maneuver in different settings fosters risk management skills and strengthens your child’s thinking in ways that support mathematical and visual-spatial skills.

Lots Of Space To Run Freely In The Open Area

Besides exciting learning and discovery in the great outdoors, your child needs space to run, jump, dance, and play games with other children. This space dedicated to active play gives your child the chance to move and let off steam—a crucial element of their day as we fight to stop childhood obesity and diabetes.

Music & Movement Supports Self Expression

Your child learns about sound, pitch, rhythm, and tonality, manipulates a variety of musical instruments, and practices concepts related to physics. As they dance, sing, and play, your child experiences self-discovery as they explore who they are and how they can express themselves in fun ways.

Tending The Garden Creates A Connection With Nature

In beautiful outdoor gardens, your child learns about natural systems and seasons and develops keen observation skills. As your child helps with the planting, caring, and harvesting process, they discover a sense of responsibility and appreciation for fresh produce, and will be more likely to try new foods.

Beauty & Convenience For Your Family

Learning and discovery continue in huge, naturally lit indoor classrooms, where children feel safe and inspired. Loving, qualified teachers and convenient onsite parking make the whole experience warm and welcoming.
A Neighborhood That Offers Shops, Dining & Recreation

A Neighborhood That Offers Shops, Dining & Recreation

Being located in a retail center means you have options. Grab a quick bite at any of several fast-casual restaurants, run to the pharmacy or grocery store, or take a walk along the beautiful trails at Willow Creek Park.

A Sparkling Clean You Can Count On

Your child’s indoor and outdoor learning spaces stay spotless with rigorous daily cleaning using electrostatic sprayers. A quarterly deep-clean and antimicrobial treatment hits every nook and cranny of the center to ward off germs for months.
Security Is Always Our Top Priority

Security Is Always Our Top Priority

Never worry about security! Your little one stays safe with CPR-certified staff at a center with restricted access entrances, fences around all the outdoor areas that catch all the action.

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Nature-Based Learning Brings

Strength, Balance, Peace, & Fun!