Colorado Kids Love Being Outside

If We Can’t Bring Children To The Mountains,
Let’s Bring The Mountains To Children

Colorado Kids Love Being Outside

If We Can’t Bring Children To The Mountains, Let’s Bring The Mountains To Children


In 2008, Jessica Lloyd started a daycare with 1 employee and 3 students. After 12 years, Jessica and her son Steve had a vision for the future: they recognized the need to create more outdoor learning experiences for children. This inspired the creation of Rocky Mountain Preschool, a family-owned early education program designed to provide important outdoor experiences to children in a safe and nurturing environment.

- Steve & Jessica Lloyd

Mother & Son, Owners


I grew up on a farm in Moses Lake, Washington. I remember making mud pies in the driveway, changing sprinklers twice a day, and climbing trees to chase the teenage hired hands. As a young girl, I learned the importance of hard work, dependability, common sense, and adventure.


My earliest memory is of sitting in the basket of my dad’s aluminum bicycle and feeling the wind on my face. I remember jumping in the drain ditch with my older brother after a storm and covering myself in mud. I remember exploring the creek behind my house in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I would try to catch tadpoles, watch bugs skim across the water, and swing from a tire hanging from a tree.

These early memories instilled in us a passion for giving children the chance to learn outdoors. Children are active learners. They acquire knowledge by doing. There is more to do outdoors – more space, more sensory materials, more unpredictability, and more open-ended tasks in which the outcomes haven’t been predetermined by adult planners. We believe every learning domain available to children in a classroom should also be available to them outside.

You’ll find us frequently on-site, taking a personal interest in your child. We are dedicated to providing high-quality care and education for children in a nurturing, exciting, and fun environment!

Come and join the family, 

- Steve & Jessica

early memories instilled passion

Be Part Of A Community Driven By Positive Values:

Lift where you stand:

Everyone matters and everyone is needed. We can move mountains together. It takes a village to raise a child.

boy and girl hikers


Help children develop a sense of wonder about the world. Empower children to explore and discover new likes and interests.

Do what is right:

Walk the walk and talk the talk. Do what you say you will do. Take responsibility for your actions.

Make your bed:

Strive for excellence in ordinary tasks. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Think outside:

Innovation requires us to think differently than everybody else. Bring the outside in and take the inside out.

Nature-Based Learning Brings

Strength, Balance, Peace, & Fun!

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