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Rocky Mountain Preschool represents the future of Childcare and Preschool. In 2008, Jessica Lloyd leased a building to start a daycare business with 1 employee and 3 students. After 12 years of business, Jessica and her son Steve had a vision for the future of childcare and Preschool. They recognized the need to create more outdoor learning experiences for children. This inspired the creation of Rocky Mountain Preschool. Today, Jessica is looking forward to the day that she can pass on her legacy to the next generation. Jessica’s passion for teaching and love of children lives on in her son Steve and his wife Whitney. As Jessica prepares for the next stage of her life, Steve and Whitney are part of the leadership team that runs the company. “Because this is a family business for us, we want you to feel like part of our family if you are going to trust us with your child.”

Jessica Lloyd

jessica llyod

Jessica grew up on a farm in Moses Lake, Washington. Some of her early childhood experiences included making mud pies in her driveway, changing sprinklers twice a day, and climbing trees to chase the teenage hired hands. As a young girl she learned the importance of hard work, dependability, common sense, and adventure. These early memories instilled in her a passion for offering challenging experiences to children. From making sure that the day-to-day needs of children are met, to ensuring and fostering their full development, Jessica believes that this is work that matters. She is frequently on-site taking a personal interest in your child. She is dedicated to providing high-quality care and education for children in an environment that is nurturing, exciting, and fun!

Steve Lloyd

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The earliest memory I have of my life is sitting in the basket of my dad’s aluminum bicycle and feeling the wind on my face. After sharing this memory with my dad, he figures I was 6 months old. That was 1988.
I remember jumping in the drain ditch with my older brother after a storm and covering myself in mud. My mom had to spray us down with the hose before we could come back inside the house.
I remember exploring the creek behind my house in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I would try to catch tadpoles, watch bugs skim across the water, and swing from a tire hanging from a tree.

Children spend less time outside than we did growing up. Messages from media and the excessive use of screens have given children a phobia of the outdoors that robs them of important early learning experiences we had as children. Because unstructured and unsupervised outdoor time is less available to today’s children, RMP has created an outdoor classroom designed to provide these important outdoor experiences to children in a safe and nurturing environment that challenges them in important ways.