What We Teach

Language and Literacy

Open the door to new ideas.

As your child learn to speak, expanding their vocabulary and helping them associate words with people, places, and things becomes very important. Objects and activities in our learning environments are labeled with words and pictures to help your child associate new words with their learning experiences.

Reading is an important activity to help your child develop a love for literacy and comprehension. Our classrooms and playgrounds have Cozy Corners to provide children a quiet place to read books. Our teachers also read to the students every day to introduce your child to new words and discuss new topics.

literacy at rocky mountain preschool
dramatic play 2

Dramatic Play

The only limit is your own imagination.

Themes and materials in our learning environments give your child the opportunity to imitate adult behavior, imagine creative experiences, and pretend to be a doctor, chef, astronaut, etc. By incorporating what your child is interested in and what’s happening in our community, we can encourage your child to think creatively about the world around them and practice experiences they may have in the future.

Social & Emotional Development

You can do hard things.

Working with others and managing emotions are foundational to your child’s success in life. These skills help your child be happy and confident as they overcome challenges and face tough experiences. Our teachers will help your child learn these skills by guiding them patiently through social situations like sharing, waiting your turn, and expressing how they feel to their peers using their words instead of their bodies. One of the most important dividends of group care are the social and emotional skills that place your child ahead of their peers for Kindergarten and beyond.

dramatic play at daycare
child at play at preschool

Physical Development & Health

Work hard, play hard.

Movement is a natural and important part of childhood. Giving your child opportunities to go outside and play allows them to move and explore the world around them. Our teachers encourage physical activity to promote the development of healthy habits that will serve your child for the rest of their life.

Logic & Reasoning

Question the world around you.

Children use their perceptions of the environment along with information from their past experiences to understand their world. This means they base their understanding on what they see rather than on logic. It’s normal for your child to go through many illogical thinking processes before they can begin to make logical sense of their world. Our teachers introduce logic and reasoning to your child through cause and effect activities, asking open-ended questions, and encouraging your child to compare results and make predictions. Logic and reasoning are important skills for our STEAM Experiences.

logic and reasoning
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Social Studies

Everyone is unique in their own way.

As children grow in early childhood, they begin to point out the similarities and differences of others. This can lead to an opportunity for your child to appreciate their own culture and learn about the culture of others. Our teachers open your child’s eyes to these concepts through history and geography. This fosters acceptance, inclusion, and understanding of other people and cultures around the world.