Are You Ready to Make a Difference?

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Have FUN and CHANGE LIVES while working with children
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ADVANCE in our company with our career ladder
Be a part of something BIGGER than yourself
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Indulge in Benefits!

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You deserve the best! If we can keep you happy, you will keep the kids happy and the parents will be happy. We are committed to your success! 

Core Values

What do we believe?

Lift Where You Stand

Everyone matters, and everyone is needed. We can move mountains together. It takes a village to raise a child.

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Help children develop a sense of wonder about the world. Empower children to explore and discover new likes and interests.

Do What is Right

Walk the walk and talk the talk. Do what you say you will do. Take responsibility for your actions.

Make Your Bed

Strive for excellence in ordinary tasks. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Think Outside

Innovation requires us to think differently than everybody else. Bring the outside in and take the inside out.

Ongoing Training

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Join our team and be part of the largest mastermind group for Early Childhood Professionals in the world. Our teachers also participate in monthly Team Trainings at the school and paid trainings with the Arapahoe Early Childhood Council. CPR, First Aid, Standard Precautions and other required trainings are paid for and taught by the school.

Application and Onboarding Process

1. Turn in your resume or fill out the online application.

2. We will contact you by email to schedule an interview.

3. Meet with our director and other select team members for a formal job interview.

4. We will conduct a reference check and other required background checks.

5. We will call you to offer you the position, or email you to let you know another candidate was selected.

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The onboarding process is a celebration! During the first 2 days you will work with a mentor complete required trainings, go to lunch with team member on us and complete observations in the classroom. During the first week you will also receive extra support from team members to ensure your first week is enjoyable and successful!