Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions about our policies and procedures are asked often by parents and may prove helpful to you.

Please review our New Family Checklist HERE

Families are the most important part of a child’s life. We try to have family events often to connect our families with each other and with the staff at the Center. Some of our annual events which our families look forward to are the Easter egg hunt on the Saturday before Easter, our fall carnival in September in our parking lot and our holiday party in December where Mr. and Mrs. Claus visit. Our pre-Kindergarten class has a few events that are just for their class. Muffins for Mom and Donuts for Dad are a couple in which they look forward to participating.

This Center serves breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.  Weekly menus are posted.  We follow USDA nutrient guidelines.  It is imperative you inform us of any food allergies or special diet information that your child may have. This information must be documented by a physician and we must have a doctor’s approval to make any substitution.

Rocky Mountain Preschool will be closed on the following Holiday’s: New Years Day, President’s Day (used as a Staff training day), Memorial Day, July Fourth*, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Day After and Christmas Day*.

We will close early (1:00 p.m.) on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Regular tuition will be charged for the weeks these holidays occur.

*Should one of these holidays fall on a weekend, the center will close on Friday for Saturday holidays and Monday for Sunday holidays.

Our parking lot and roads around our center are cleared of snow early after any snow falls. As a rule, Rocky Mountain Preschool will not open for the day if Cherry Creek Schools are closed due to weather. We need to be sure before we open that our staff can get safely to work. In the event we experience a severe snow storm after the Center has opened, we will do all we can to avoid closing to prevent hardships for parents. However, should we have to close, we will provide care until all children are picked up. If in doubt, check our web site or call and see if anyone answers.

Parents are welcome to visit the Center at any time. Just remember, when your child sees you they will probably assume they are going home. It is difficult for young children to see their parent and not leave with them. Our policy is you can visit whenever you want, but if your child is crying when you leave, you take them with you.

The Health Department requires your child to be free from vomiting, diarrhea, fever over 1000, or an undiagnosed rash, to attend our child care center.  If these symptoms arise while at Rocky Mountain Preschool parents will be notified to pick their child up ASAP.  We require that children be free of symptoms for 24 hours before returning to the Center.  This means symptom-free without the use of a fever reducer such as Tylenol or Motrin.  If antibiotics have been prescribed by the doctor, your child must have taken the antibiotics for 24 hours before returning as well.

We ask that you not pick-up or drop off your child during nap times. We are required by licensing to offer nap time for all our children. Your child will be very active while attending our center. After lunch, they will be ready for quiet time. If you drop off or pick up your child during nap time, you disturb the classroom and interrupt the other children sleeping.

Tuition is due before services are rendered. The tuition fee is payable in advance each week, on or before each Monday morning. Our desire is to provide top quality care for your child at a reasonable cost. The weekly fee for your child can be found on your Tuition Schedule. If it is necessary to change any tuition or fees, parents will be notified sixty (60) days prior to any change. Parents may pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, so long as payment is received prior to child care services being rendered.

Your child can watch TV and movies in your home. When your child is at Rocky Mountain Preschool, we want them to experience things and be involved with activities they don’t normally do at home. Occasionally, our children may earn a reward of a PJ party which would involve a movie. The movie would be rated ‘G’. Teachers will preview the contents before showing them to the children.

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