Outdoor Classroom

Learning Areas

Art Area

The beauty of nature inspires creativity. By giving your child the opportunity to create art outside, they can take ideas and inspiration from the world around them to form a masterpiece. An outdoor classroom removes normal parameters around art allowing your child’s creativity to flow more freely and be expressed in more ways.

art area
messy materials area

Messy Materials Area

Today’s children spend less time in wild natural areas and have fewer opportunities to “be messy.” This area encourages children to experiment with different natural objects, practice carrying heavy objects, and feel a sense of personal mastery over their environment. This area is also great for children with sensory integration challenges. You will love letting your child get messy at school because we will make sure they are clean when you pick them up.

Wheeled Toy Area

Giving your child a path where they can use wheeled toys allows them to use large muscles. Our bike paths are designed to create the right amount of physical challenge to keep them engaged. We also use balance bikes. Improving balance is the first step toward riding a real bicycle and we will help your child hone these skills in the outdoor classroom.

wheeled toy area
water area 2

Water Area

Our hands-on activities with water give your child invaluable experiences as they manipulate water and observe what happens. These early scientific discoveries help your child develop a love for learning, a curiosity to try something new, and a chance to understand the physical laws of nature. From sink float experiments to mixing sand and dirt, the early science skills that your child gains will make water play a favorite learning area for them.

Sand Area

Sand areas create ideal settings for positive social interaction. Life skills are an important part of your child’s social/emotional development and are an important predictor of future academic success. From working together to sharing tools, sand play creates a special space for individual and group learning.

sand area
climbing area

Climbing Area

Traditional climbing structures, tree stumps, and balance beams help your child gain self-confidence and self-control as they successfully master physical challenges. Learning to maneuver your body in different settings will help your child practice risk management and gain skills that will keep them safe. Our climbing areas also strengthen your child’s thinking in ways that support mathematical and visual-spatial skills.

Open Area

Your child needs space to run, jump, dance, and play games with other children. Our outdoor classrooms have a space just for active play. This is important for your child’s health and well-being, especially as we fight to stop childhood obesity and diabetes.

open area at preschool
music and movement

Music & Movement

An outdoor setting provide an ideal space for your child to experiment with music and movement expression. Our outdoor classrooms provide a space for your child to make music and dance however they want. This allows them to explore improvisation and creativity. These well-equipped areas allow your child to learn about sound, pitch, rhythm, and tonality on their own, manipulate a variety of musical instruments, and practice concepts related to Physics. Your child’s experience with music and dance is one of self-discovery as they explore who they are and how they can express themselves in fun ways.

The Garden

Gardening connects us with the wonders of nature. In our outdoor gardens your child will learn about natural systems, seasons, and develop keen observation skills. As your child helps with the planting, caring, and harvesting process, they learn a sense of responsibility and appreciation for fresh produce. We are confident that as your child becomes more involved in gardening, they will be more likely to try new foods.

the garden

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