Tips for Organization

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Raising kids is hard enough without all the added stress of a messy household. First, having tiny toys and miniature clothes for a newborn around the house is fun and exciting, but the next thing you know there is underwear strewn across the floor and toys are making it impossible to step anywhere without tripping. Today’s blog post covers a few tips and tricks that can help organize your home, and help you keep your sanity!

  • Separate grown-up and kid dishes. This will help so that kids don’t get too enthusiastic and create a mess out of more than they can handle.
  • Lock things you don’t want kids getting into. This goes without saying for this like chemicals and knives, but you can also childproof nice china and special foods you want your kids to stay out of in order to keep a cleaner home.
  • Place dishes in the dishwasher as soon as you’re finished with them. Dishes that have piled up are a main reason why a home may seem more cluttered than it is. Instead of setting dishes on the counter or in the sink when you’re done, teach your child to put their dishes directly into the dishwasher. That way, kids learn to clean up right after they eat, and you don’t have to load the dishwasher: Just run it once it’s full.

  • Hamper dirty clothes. Teach kids to automatically through dirty clothes into a hamper. This can be a hamper the bathroom and even their own rooms. This will help keep clothes off of the floor and somewhere they can easily be laundered. Once the hampers are full, you can easily just take them to the laundry and return them in their respective hampers to be put away.
  • Make your own detergent pods. If you have a family member who has sensitive skin, it might be a good idea to make your own detergent for laundry. Recipes for detergents usually only feature a few ingredients and are much more natural than store-bought. You can easily store it in the fridge or somewhere relatively cool, and not worry about chemicals or a huge mess if the kids get into it.
  • Hang supplies. Walls are a great place for storage that usually gets overlooked. Things you can hang on walls for laundry are drying racks, holding nets, bottles of detergent, irons, and other laundry-related supplies.

  • Make a toy library. Turn some storage into a “library” for toys by allowing only a certain number of toys to be “checked out” at a time. “Checked out” toys must be returned before new toys can be “checked out.” This will lessen the toy clutter immensely.
  • Place frequently used toys low. If you know your child uses some toys more often than others, put those toys somewhere easy to reach for the child. This makes sure the child doesn’t have to dig through lots of other toys for the one they want and making a mess, and also makes it easier for the child to clean up once playtime is done.
  • Have a singing cleanup time. Kids are very responsive to song and rhyme, so engaging them in song while they clean up will make cleanup time more fun. It will also start to become an automatic response after a while, so once you start singing, they know its time to clean.


Home organization doesn’t have to be a pain, and when you engage your child to clean in a fun way, everyone does his or her part with a smile!

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