Snow Blog

children making art in the snow at preschool

Have you ever heard of “Nature Art?”

Nature art is when children use nature and their imaginations to make art! On Friday, after our first snow day of the year, we introduced the new nature art concept to our children! Watercolor and snow painting was a huge hit with all our kiddos!

boy in snow at preschool 2

Here is how to make this experience possible!

  • You need SNOW and willing children!
  • Then you need to put some food coloring in water using any type of container, we used an ice cube tray!
  • Then get some sticks to create a “frame” for their art.
  • Have them use their imaginations to become the next Picasso 😀 You could also use a stick with cotton tied to the end of the stick, we opted for paintbrushes to allow more children to play at the same time!
simple mountain div