Rainy Day Activities

Indoor camping for kids

Spring gives way to sunnier and warmer days, but it also is a time of lots of rain so everything can grow beautifully. The age-old question for parents is, what do we do with our kids when it’s raining outside other than sticking them in front of the TV? Here is a list of some activities for those rainy days when kids need to get their wiggles out and be stimulated by something other than the outdoors.Color Hunt. Let your kids run around the house with a purpose: To find items around the house of the same color. For this activity, have a few containers for different colors (you can use plates, bowls, Tupperware, etc.) Designate each container to one color, and send your kids on a hunt to find things around the house of that color. The items can be anything as long as they are the right color: a toothbrush, a sponge, an apple, whatever your kids can find that match up!Movement Dice. This activity highlights allowing kids to move around and express some physical energy in a fun and safe way even when it’s raining outside, without destroying your house. Take a cardboard box and wrap each side in paper. Write on each side of the box a different movement activity, such as doing jumping jacks, wiggling like a warm, flying like an airplane, etc. Roll your movement dice on the floor, and whatever movement it lands on you must do. Participate with your kids by moving along with them!Indoor Camping. Think outside the box by camping indoors for the day. You can set up a tent in the living room, “roast” some marshmallows in the microwave, and tell campfire stories around a “fire” made out of colorful craft paper. The key here is to get the whole family involved by having each family member be in charge of something different: Maybe the kids put up the tent, dad builds the “fire,” and mom roasts the marshmallows. Get everyone involved and make some great rainy day memories that last.Feet Drawing. Take a fun new twist on art time that is guaranteed to make your kids giggle: drawing with their feet! There are several ways to do this activity, the first one being to take regular printer or craft papers, set it on the floor, and have kids sit in chairs that allow them to reach the paper with their feet. Give them some crayons and challenge them with drawing different things. Another way to do this craft is to take a large sheet of paper and tape it to the wall. Have the kids lie on their backs and take the crayons between their toes to write on the paper at an 85-degree angle. The funny shapes they create can be saved as a memory of your creative rainy day!

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