Parent-Teacher Communication

kids doing an art project t our daycare

When it comes to your child, you want to know as much as possible about their lives, including their time spent with other children and teachers at childcare. Here at Busy Little Hands, we strive to make parent-teacher communication as easy and seamless as possible. Today’s Busy Blog post will go over a few of the tools BLH uses to communicate with parents.Kangarootime. This is the #1 tool Busy Little Hands uses for communication between teacher and parent. Kangarootime allows teachers to document and record everything your child gets into throughout the day: When they eat, nap, go to the bathroom, and any other important aspects of your child’s day are all recorded on the Kangarootime app by our teachers, which you can view at any time throughout the day. You can also use Kangarootime for direct messages for the teachers and center.Teachers themselves. We value our teachers immensely here at BLH, and they know how to communicate with parents effectively. If there is ever an issue or problem that arises with your child, your child’s teacher is more than happy to discuss this with you. You are also encouraged to create your own relationship with your child’s teacher so that the child-teacher relationship is as strong as it can be.Private meetings. If ever there comes a time in which a child has been particularly problematic, a private meeting between teacher, parent, and director may be needed. Rare occurrences, private meetings for a child’s behavior are more of a last-resort than a regular parent-teacher conference.Available phone-line and support email. Our office phone-line is available for calls as soon as the center is open until it closes (6:30 am – 6:30 pm.) Our office staff is more than happy to take your calls, whether it is regarding an ill child or a curriculum concern. You are also more than welcome to email the office with any questions or concerns and the office staff will be happy to relay any messages to the appropriate parties. Our office phone number is 303-793-0333, and our office email is media. Busy Little Hands strives to be very involved in social media so you can see all the great stuff your child has access to throughout the day. Other than the Busy Blog, Busy Little Hands also has active Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts. We would love to become friends with you on social media so we can all share in the fun Busy Little Hands has to offer!

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