Developing Scissor Skills

child cutting with scissors

It feels a little counter-intuitive to give your preschooler scissors, but there are a lot of reasons why learning scissor skills early is beneficial for preschool-age children. Today’s blog post will give a few reasons to encourage scissor skills your little one can use throughout life.

Firstly, the safety component is a lesson that is better learned sooner rather than later when it comes to scissors and preschoolers. It’s scary to hand over the scissors to kids, but if they more they are taught to be safe with scissors at a younger age, the longer and more efficiently they will retain that idea of being safe with scissors.

Another benefit of teaching scissor skills early is the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Preschool age children are constantly developing not only the mental skills to be ready for kindergarten, but also the physical skills they will need to succeed in school. This includes being able to move their fingers and hands finely enough to write with, among other school-age activities.

Focus is a skill that children develop when using scissors as well. Children are very prone to being distracted, so honing their ability to focus on what they’re doing is key for doing well at school age and later in life. It also helps reiterate the safety aspect of using scissors.

Finally, scissors also help develop creativity. While it may seem like a good idea to start pre-k students off by cutting along the lines to develop their skills, eventually they should be able to cut out designs on their own. This helps to let them form their own creative ideas and encourages creativity down the line.

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