“All About Me” Project

All About Me Completed project

In a world full of technology, work, and tons of commitments, kids can often feel like they’ve taken a back seat to the things that keep their parents busy. A great way to help kids know they are appreciated and an important part of your life is to have them work on an “All About Me Project.” This kind of project allows kids to create a spot that is just for them, all about them. This helps kids feel recognized and special when the world feels a little hectic.

This project focuses on everything about your child and the things they find important in their life. You can really manifest this information any way you’d like: In book form, presented on a big poster board, or even laid out as a linear timeline. It’s really up to you and your child as to how they would like they present their stuff. Miss LaDawn in the Bumblebee room has an “about me” highlight for each child as well, using the poster board method.

Ask your child what they think they should include in their “about me” project. What is important to them? Do they have a favorite friend to play with? What is their favorite food? Including this kind of information in a presentation format allows the child to visualize everything great about their life, and make them feel really good about themselves.

Once the child has named some things that are important to them, it’s time to get creative. With whatever format you’ve chosen to create your “about me” project in, have your child help you craft things that remind them of the things they love. If their favorite food is pasta, maybe make a macaroni necklace you can display on your project. If their favorite color is pink, create a whole section dedicated to pink things. Get super creative with what you choose to represent!

You can take this project one step further by dedicating a day to your child and their project. Cook their favorite food, go to their favorite place, or wear their favorite color for a whole day. You can make this portion of the project as elaborate or as simple as you like; the point is to engage your child in observing their own life and appreciating themselves.

Even kids need reminders that they are awesome sometimes, so this project is a great way to remind them that they are important and recognized as an individual.

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