A Child’s Neurological System Begs to Differ

As parents, we always feel that we know what is best for our children. Sometimes this gets in the way of our children’s growth and development when we restrict their choices to a point where we crush their creativity and imagination. Children are born with the ability to perform their own risk assessments and set their own limits. 

“Children with healthy neurological systems naturally seek out the sensory input they need on their own. They determine how much, how fast, and how high works for them at any given time. They do this without even thinking about it. If they are spinning in circles, it is because they need to. If they are jumping off a rock over and over, it is because they are craving that sensory input. They are organizing their senses through practice and repetition.” Angela Hanscom 

There is a balance between keeping our kids in a safe environment and allowing them to challenge themselves with a level of risk they can handle. Look for opportunities to loosen the reigns and let your child make their own decisionsLetting your child make mistakes while the risks are low, teaches them important lessons that will serve them as adults when the risks are high, and the consequences are harsh. 

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