As a child steps through life, their development is like stepping stones that progressively reveal who they are. Each stone also forms a foundation of success that they will use the rest of their life. Our Educators observe and assess development constantly to ensure every child receives the support they need to blossom into a beautiful and magnificent person.

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Every child is born with the potential for greatness. Ideas, dreams, and goals need to be encouraged and allowed to flourish in a safe environment. Our nature-based curriculum will give your child a sense of wonder about the world around them that will help them concoct their own ideas, dreams, and goals. Our educators challenge and stretch students to reach beyond what they know to conquer the mountains in their lives. Your child deserves to reach their full potential.


Imagine standing at the top of a mountain and looking at the valley below. Our perspective is enlarged from what we could see standing in the valley. This new perspective is empowering. As children succeed in life, it’s important to reflect on where they came from and use that momentum to ascend higher and higher. Our educators are your child’s best cheerleader. We all need people in our lives that encourage us to keep going and recognize us when we succeed.

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