Our Mission

Why do we exist?

Rocky Mountain Preschool provides high quality care and education to children so they can THRIVE in every area of life.


Where are we going?

Bring the outdoors to children. If we can’t bring children to the mountains, let’s bring the mountains to children.

Core Values

What do we believe?

Lift Where You Stand

Everyone matters, and everyone is needed. We can move mountains together. It takes a village to raise a child.

boy and girl hikers


Help children develop a sense of wonder about the world. Empower children to explore and discover new likes and interests.

Do What is Right

Walk the walk and talk the talk. Do what you say you will do. Take responsibility for your actions.

Make Your Bed

Strive for excellence in ordinary tasks. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Think Outside

Innovation requires us to think differently than everybody else. Bring the outside in and take the inside out.

Our Philosophy

Many children today spend all their time indoors, in activities programmed by adults to teach right answers to children. Children are active learners. They acquire knowledge not just by sitting and listening, but most importantly by doing. There is more to do outdoors – more space, more sensory materials, more unpredictability, and more open-ended tasks in which the outcomes haven’t been predetermined by adult planners.

We use our outdoor space as an extension of the classroom. Almost anything that can be done indoors can also be done outside. Every learning domain available to children in a classroom should also be available to them outside. Instead of just talking about what the weather will be like today, why don’t we go outside and experience the weather together? We can make much better observations this way and extend children’s learning beyond the walls of a classroom.

We bring the outside in! Bringing natural materials into our classrooms helps children connect to the world around them.

“We have been with Rocky Mountain Preschool (earlier known as Busy little hands) since mid 2019 post our move to Colorado. My little one really enjoys going to preschool – Jennifer and Steve have really worked to address all my questions and make it a safe happy and exciting place for my son. We are at ease knowing our kid is safe (and growing quickly 🙂 )there.

In fact, I couldn’t be more proud of the school and the leadership on how they handled the pandemic. It was a chaotic time for all and they creatively came up with ideas and options to help families (plans for those with layoffs that couldn’t keep up with tuition; plans for families that needed extra help while first responder parents needed to have child care) while keeping our kids safe. When most schools shut their door with pandemic chaos, these guys really worked with the guidelines (smaller sizes, masks, additional sanitizing etc) to stay open for the families that really needed help ..like first responders.

We have also found the school to find creative ways to keep the holiday spirit up … engage kids and families in fun activities when safe and possible.

Teachers have been awesome – we’ve loved all the teachers in the 4 rooms my son has “graduated” through. Thank you for all you do!”

Vaishalee Naruka