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Our Mission

Rocky Mountain Preschool supports families in raising their children by providing high quality care and education for each child in an environment that is nurturing, exciting and fun!

We recognize that parents are the real heroes in this relationship. We get to be with your child for a short time. You get to be with your child for a lifetime. Anything we can do to help parents be more successful is our mission and goal.

Core Values

Why we do what we do…

  • FAMILY FIRST – Children and their parents are our highest priority and concern.
  • FUN – We want everyone we meet to laugh, smile and have a good time.
  • RESPECT – We treat everyone equally and make them feel included.
  • INTEGRITY – We are trusted by others and honest in everything we do.
  • PROGRESSIVE – We look for ways to innovate and be on the cutting edge of great service.
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Service Standards

boy learning to write at preschool

How we do what we do…

  • SAFETY – All my decisions are made with the safety of the child in mind.
  • CONSISTENCY – I will be consistent in my attendance, teaching, and behavior.
  • RESPONSIVENESS – I will be aware and attentive to the needs of others.
  • FRIENDLINESS – I will seek opportunities to engage with children and parents.

A visual commitment to the level of service we are promising parents every day.

Our Philosophy

Many children today spend all their time indoors, in activities programmed by adults to teach right answers to children. Children are active learners. They acquire knowledge not just by sitting and listening, but most importantly by doing. There’s more to do outdoors – more space, more sensory materials, more unpredictability, more open-ended tasks in which the outcomes haven’t been predetermined by adult planners.

Much of human intelligence was developed in response to challenges posed by the natural world. What do I do if I’m hot, cold, hungry, or thirsty? Children deprived of these challenges won’t be as smart as those with opportunities to confront nature for themselves.

We use our outdoor space as an extension of the classroom. Almost anything that can be done indoors can also be done outside. Every learning domain available to children in a classroom should also be available to them outside. Instead of just talking about what the weather will be like today, why don’t we go outside and experience the weather together? We can make much better observations this way and extend children’s learning beyond the walls of a classroom.

We bring the outside in! Bringing natural materials into our classrooms helps children connect to the world around them.


We want to create a preschool that when you approach makes you feel like you are in a mountain town surrounded by the natural beauty of the community. I want to bring the feel, vibe, and ambiance of being in the mountains to children in the Denver area. Mountains inspire us to be strong, challenge ourselves, and grow. Mountains are also steadfast and reliable landmarks reflective of the dependability of care we provide for our community. We want to recreate experiences for todays children that older generations remember having with nature as a child.

“My husband and I have been so pleased with BLH since starting our daughter in May of 2019. She has excelled in her vocabulary and motor skills and we see such a beautiful personality shining through.

Her teachers give her great care each day which is such a comfort while she’s there all day. We’re very grateful for this school and their dedication to the children of our future.”

Kayla Riley